Complete Russian Language course for Beginners A1

What you’ll learn

  • 45 video lectures with detailed pronunciation, examples and fun tips (4.5 hours)
  • Speak Russian confidently both in a casual environment as well as in business meetings

  • 45 PDF files with short grammar summaries

  • Construct grammatically correct sentences in Russian across many topics
  • 45 PDF files with exercises (over 150 all together)
  • What makes Russian culture so special, you will find out in this course
  • Excitement for languages and Russian culture.
  • Persistence in learning.

Want to go from no previous Russian knowledge – overwhelmed and confused about where to even start – to speaking Russian on an advanced level, able to seamlessly form complex sentences with great confidence?

You wouldn’t be reading this otherwise. Here’s the great news…

You have just stumbled upon the most complete, in-depth beginner to advanced Russian Language course online. These comprehensive lectures cover everything you will ever need.

Whether you want to:

– start speaking Russian

– prepare yourself for a trip to Russia

– expand your set of useful skills

– become a polyglot

– do business with Russians

… this complete Russian Language Course is exactly what you need, and more. (You’ll even get a Certificate of Completion to add to your arsenal).

See what your fellow students have to say:

I like that the course has a lot of examples, which are applicable in real life. This is very important because after language course, you can use your Russian in practice, so that’s why I love Siaso Russian Courses 🙂 Definitely recommend it to everyone, who needs practical Russian. – Benedetta Trinco, Ljubljana, Slovenia

Relevant and clear explanation, a lot of good practical examples. I think it is really good. Looking forward to the continuation 🙂 – John Smith, Edinburgh, UK

Each lecture is well explained and at the same time Alina managed to keep it fun and chilled 🙂 Nicely done!– Max Bauer, Stuttgart, Germany

Why is this course so great? It covers everything you to need to speak Russian in no time:

  • Russian Alphabet
  • How to introduce yourself
  • Russian ethics & traditions
  • Often used Russian phrases
  • Numbers & Time
  • Days, Months & Seasons
  • Family & Professions
  • Countries, Capitals & Languages
  • Colors
  • Russian Cuisine
  • Hobbies & Sport
  • Russian Cases
  • Transport
  • How to survive at the airport & in the hotel
  • Go from basic to complex conversations

This Russian language course includes:

  • 45 lectures
  • 45 grammar summaries
  • 45 exercises
  • 4.5 hours of video content
  • certificate of completion
  • life-time access

Start learning today and let’s speak in Russian.

Who this course is for:
  • For everyone with little or no prior knowledge of Russian
  • If your Russian is rusty, this course will oil you up.
  • In less than a month, you will learn the real-life spoken version of the Russian language.
  • This course will teach you the essential grammar and vocabulary you really need to read, write, and speak in Russian.


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Jaco Becker at 10:22 am

Good content and examples. Perfect pacing.

Nashid Shabazz at 10:23 am

This is a great beginner course which will make you confident with reading and speaking. I feel especially confident to travel after taking this course.

It may seem impossible to pronounce many of the words, but luckily the instructor breaks them down allowing you to practice as she teaches.

I am very satisfied with this course and will continue to learn Russian.

Raisa Rifat at 10:23 am

I love this course! It covers the basics, this course gives a grasp on the language, so even though I’m not yet fluent, I pretty much know what I don’t yet know and what to look for — which, IMO, is important for quicker self-learning!

I did find a few hiccups along the way, like a bit of typos, but they’re pretty much negligible. I also hoped to see more in-depth explanations on grammar. But these little “complaints” are not a problem because the instructor is very responsive!

Bottom line: it’s a great course to kick off learning Russian!

Simona Rot at 10:23 am

This is a really really good course. I am so happy that I accidentally stumbled upon this course.

I love your teaching style and I am learning useful words every day 🙂

Mike K at 10:23 am

I don’t often leave reviews for heymarketplace, but this course is just what I was looking for. I’ve been learning Russian on my own using phone apps, and YouTube videos but there were many gaps in my knowledge, and my pronunciation was poor. I love how Alina slows everything down and highlights each segment of the word, so that I know exactly how it should be pronounced. I will surely look for more Russian language courses from her!

Rubens Vasconcellos at 10:24 am

Excelente curso para iniciantes. Fornece noções básicas da gramática, aplicações práticas e possui estrutura bem organizada de ensino além da instrutora ser bem clara nas explicações. A única falta que sinto seria de mais exercícios.

Excellent course for beginners. It provides basic grammar, practical applications and has a well-organized teaching structure, and the instructor is very clear in the explanations. I wish it had more exercise though.

Mike Goehring at 10:24 am

The organization of this course was excellent. It is easy to follow along because the resources are easy to find and use. She makes it very simple to follow along and the exercises are straight to the point. I highly recommend this course.

David Filipovic at 10:24 am

The course is very good and its not so dificult im Serbian so its 90% times easier to learn because write is same and so many words are same so its much more easier but i will recomend this course for so many people who wont to learn Russian 😀

Michael Wong at 10:24 am

I appreciate the time the instructor takes to enunciate each word. Basic examples makes it easy to learn. The instructor speaks clearly and slowly. I would like to see the direction towards how Russian is used for Business purposes. Words related to meetings, etc.

Duncan Ryan at 10:25 am

Having tried out a few different Russian courses here on heymarketplace and elsewhere, I can confidently say that this is the single best course out there. What really puts it over the top in terms of quality is the slow sounding out of words syllable by syllable, which has helped me become comfortable with consonant combinations that are common in Russian but rarely or never used in English. This was something I really struggled with in other courses, but this course solved that problem 100%.


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