Elevate Your Tennis Game Learn from Champion Andre Agassi

What you’ll learn
  • Learn techniques for essential swings (forehand, backhand, serve, and more)
  • Develop game strategies to defeat your opponent

  • Practice Andre’s own drills proven to advance your game

  • Build confidence in your tennis strengths and abilities
  • Adopt the mental approach of a champion
  • Students should have a basic to intermediate knowledge of tennis, including a basic understanding of each swing and tennis rules
  • All a student needs to take this course is a computer or mobile device with internet connection

Boost your tennis game in no time with this course from eight-time Grand Slam champion Andre Agassi. For the first time, one of the game’s all-time greats is sharing 20 years of tour experience to help you advance your skills and give back to the game that gave him so much.

These bite-sized lessons focus on only what’s most important to help you improve and see immediate results on the court. Andre not only covers specific techniques and strategies for all essential strokes, but also how to develop the mental tenacity and focus that sets a champion apart.

The course will help you:

  • Learn the fundamentals and improve every shot in your game including forehand, backhand, serve, volley, overhead, tweener, drop shot, and more
  • Understand best practices for racket grips, body positioning, and when specific shots are most effectively played
  • Identify the secrets of Andre’s signature moves: the two-handed backhand and return serve
  • Learn how to listen to the sounds of the game to read the ball and anticipate how it will move
  • Apply strategies that will keep your opponents off balance and unable to guess what you will do next
  • Practice Andre’s own proven drills to improve your skills, both alone or with a partner
  • Adopt the champion’s mindset that took Andre years to develop

Make a valuable investment in your tennis game with this course. With lifetime access, you can complete the course at your own pace, from wherever is convenient for you.

Who this course is for:
  • Advanced-beginner and intermediate tennis players
  • Tennis fans and enthusiasts who want a better understanding of the game

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Alexander Wieck at 2:33 am

Ein wahrhaft legendärer Kurs von der Tennis-Legende überhaupt – Andre Agassi! Ich war und bin ein Riesen-Fan von ihm und finde es großartig, dass er alle wichtigen Tennisaspekte, die ihn groß gemacht haben, mit Spielern auf der ganzen Welt teilt. Ich habe schon viele Elemente in mein persönliches Tennisspiel übernommen und übe regelmäßig an weiteren Aspekten, um Schritt für Schritt besser zu werden. Danke Andre für Deinen grandiosen Tenniskurs!

Calix Huang at 2:34 am

I got a lot of tips and helpful advice to use on the court, and it helped me with my technical and strategical game. I would like a little more detail on the technical instruction, but I loved this course.

Victor Garcia at 2:34 am

The course is very fun and contains extremely valuable information and tips that can make your game improve a lot.

Maybe including some more drills would be good but, as it is now is very good.

Maybe also talking about the running forehand or running backhand would be definitely and added value.

Shailendra_cts Kumar at 2:34 am

This is a very short training, but very effective. It changed my game I wish to play.

Uras Gungor at 2:35 am

I really think the videos of Andre’s shots should be in sync with what he is talking about. Instead we get him hitting the same shot over and over when he’s explaining other cases and motions about that shot. However there’s a lot of valuable information in this course so I have no regrets of taking it. I’m sure it will add lots to my game :).

Santiago Del Castillo at 2:35 am

Muy bueno. Agassi ha sido de los mejores en la historia de este deporte. Su simplicidad es clave, pero en algunas cosas y técnicas, podría entrar en mas detalle para que quede aun mas claro.

Jed Vito at 2:35 am

This is a good basic course. And when I say basic..it is very basic..stuff you can probably see on youtube.

The plus side is that Agassi is the instructor, and he does explain some theory and a little more than basic stuff.

I would recommend for 3.0 or below.

Richard Butcher at 2:35 am

Covered a lot in a short amount of time. Would like to have seen more video analysis of the shots described as opposed to shots of Andre talking into a camera. But all in all, great insights from a great player.

Yangchihchao at 2:35 am

Simple but really efficient key points to ameliorate my tennis !

Shahab Jalili at 2:36 am

Für Anfänger ungeeignet. Zu Oberflächlich. Bin selber Trainer und fand einige Aspekte sehr interessant es mal aus der Sicht eines Profis zusehen.


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