David Kaspar Willmann at 4:34 am

Nice and clear teaching. The course gives a good foundation to work with Illustrator. At some points it would have been nice to dive a little bit deeper into detail. But well done anyway

Rafael Santana at 4:34 am

This course is really awsome, I was able to learn a lot about Illustrator. It is very useful for those who are beginners in the program, cause the instructor is pacient and concise, where he aways shows and remember the keyboard shortcuts for you, explain how the tools works and how you can apply it in a real project beyond to show and to explain to you some others programs and techinices that can be useful to work combined with Illustrator.

Bob Sturdevant at 4:34 am

I know that the course may have been edited but you will find that Martin’s knowledge of the subject and his ability to give instructions are almost flawless. Very few cuts. He starts talking about a subject and continues without “umms”, “uhh”, or any other pauses while people seem to try and figure out what they are going to say next. He knows the subject and instructs it in a very professional manner. Great job Martin.

Mohamed Saif at 4:34 am

An excellent course, good examples, useful exercises, direct to the point, clear explanation and good coverage to Adobe Illustrator. You are a pro, Thanks Martin!

Austen Timothy Elms at 4:35 am

Amazing course! The only reason it’s not the full 5 stars is because I wish there were more examples of real-life applications instead of just explaining all the tools, functions, and effects possible in Illustrator.

For example: Today we need to make a logo for a Record Label called ‘Angry Ant Records’. We can make it a typographic logo or an illustration, how should we select the colors to work with, how can we add shapes to give 3-dimensional shading, etc.

I loved everything else about this course, however. Yes I’m A Designer is doing big things!

Nika Myag at 4:35 am

Great course, helped me a lot to get to know Illustrator secrets and features. Martin is an amazing teacher, very friendly and experienced!

Elizabeth Bennett at 4:35 am

I really enjoyed this course, and have learnt a great deal from it. Have gone from not being able to use illustrator at all to understanding how it works and what it can be used for. The instructor is very clear and points out when something is important to learn.

The exercises were fun and really helped me to learn, I am now going to commit to a few projects to practise these skills further and am pleased to have the course structure to come back to if I get stuck.

Only left out half a star because there doesn’t seem to be replies to questions, but others answered and a lot of the time a quick google also helped.

Anup Sheth at 4:35 am

This is a great course. The instructor gives a very thorough overview of Illustrator, and I frequently return to it to refresh my memory about how certain tools work.

The only reason I’m not giving it 5 stars is because the instructor rarely responds to student questions. In my opinion, the only courses on heymarketplace that deserve 5 stars are ones where the instructor responds to student questions in a timely manner.

Megan Fitzgerald at 4:36 am

Very straight forward and easy to follow along. I definitely enjoyed course! 🙂

It’s nice that some days when you have lots of time you can power through a few sections but there’s no pressure to have assignments handed in so when life gets busy you know your course is waiting right where you left off.

Jacine Rilea at 4:36 am

Really great course, goes at a good pace. Great information on how to keep organised while working as well.


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