The Complete Guide to League of Legends

Learn how to improve your game mechanics, micro/macro knowledge, and rank from former LCS coach, NicoThePico.

What you’ll learn
  • Boost your ranks
  • Properly learn & play your desired roles

  • Improve game mechanics

  • Build good habits & get rid of bad habits
  • Learn in-depth on Macro-aspect of the game
  • Gaming PC capable of running League of Legends with no lag at minimum 60fps.

League of Legends is the most popular video game since 2012 with over 100 million monthly active players and the biggest eSports scene across the globe with over 100 million viewers. Over the years, professional players have figured out the complexity of the game, making it one of the hardest games to learn and master. As League of Legends players, we all have gone through the same struggles of learning the game mechanics, roles, meta, and individual champions. However, NicoThePico is here to help.

Nicholas “NicoThePico” Korsgård has been an EU LCS head coach for teams such as Origen, Fnatic, and Ninjas in Pyjamas. In addition, Nico also has assisting coaching roles for teams like Banditos (now Misfits), and prior to that played as the Jungler for Enigma eSports. Currently, Nico is the top-rated coach on GamerSensei where he has coached over 100 people with 100% of them improving their ranks in no time. On a personal level, Nico has achieved challenger tier on 3 different roles respectively. As a player and coach, Nico will be able to show you perspectives of League of Legends that you may not have noticed or ever thought of.

NicoThePico’s League of Legends course will feature the 3 most important aspects of the game.

  • Learning Your Roles
    • Top, Jungle, Mid, ADC, Support
    • Early Laning Phase
    • Mid – Late Game
  • Game Mechanics
    • Creep Score (CS)
    • Wave Management
    • Roaming
    • Team Fights
    • Time Management
    • Apply Pressure
    • Vision Control
  • Improving Your Rank
    • Psychology of the Game
    • Guides from Bronze – Challenger

Outside of the 3 most important aspects of the game, Nico will also go over the Rift, talking about the objectives of the game that include:

  • Top / Bot Jungle Camps
  • Rift Herald
  • 5 Different Types of Dragon
  • Baron

As an added bonus to Nico’s course, you will get a bonus lesson on how to use the Replay Tool on League of Legends. From a coaching standpoint, Nico believes the Replay Tool is extremely important in analyzing your own and others’ gameplay in order to fix your mistakes.

Lastly, Nico has a Bachelor’s Degree in Economics & Leadership, with an emphasis on Entrepreneurship & Business Management. This played a crucial part in Nico’s success breaking into the eSports scene. Toward the end of this course, Nico will share his secrets and tips on how you can stand out & break into the competitive eSports scene.

Please enjoy Nico’s course and hopefully you too can level-up your game!

Who this course is for:
  • Beginning players who want to gain a basic knowledge of League of Legends.
  • Intermediate players who want to learn in-depth mechanics and strategies of League of Legends.
  • Expert or competitive players who want to expand their knowledge of areas such as Path of Pro and game psychology.

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Andreas Grüner-Pedersen at 6:43 am

I had a great experience going through this course. I’ve learned, i can feel my understanding of the game has grown tons, and i only wish there would be more content! i can’t get enough! i know that i’m gonna continue improving and improving using theses tools, i might someday hit you up on gamersensei! I’ve gotta say Nico – I’m a big fan

Steven Huiberts at 6:43 am

Leerzaam, alleen in sommige secties sumier zoals farming wordt het op goed timen onder turret gegooid. Had hier graag tips gehad in lane of oefeningen.

Richard Bartz at 6:43 am

Por hora bem básico. Apenas aspectos fundamentais do game.

EDIT> Curso INCRÍVEL! Conceitos incríveis, te coloca pra enxergar o jogo inteiro de outra forma completamente diferente.

Uma experiência muito interessante, e recomendável a todos jogadores de League – do mais “batata” até o mais profissional.

Luis Fernando dos Anjos Costa at 6:44 am

Had a good time, thanks!

By the way, I’d love one course about competitive picks & bans and team compositions, win conditions and team communication.

Jaber Almarri at 6:44 am

So many new things to consider and to do that I never knew, looking forward to applying them in game and see how it can affect my win rate, would love a course for each type of champs in all lanes to understand what different ways I can play with my mains, gj so far.

Neil Janeke at 6:44 am

Overall for a novice, this is a great course. Especially how to play in the riff. Would like a bit more overall detail about the champions.

Mariano Giagante at 6:44 am

He is super professional, detailed and clear. This course gives you a big pill to swallow but it can really improve your game.

Rodrigo Ceregatti Franco at 6:44 am

Uma experiência transformado, principalmente pensando o quanto este jogo já foi incorporado na mentalidade de parte da nossa sociedade, o que diz muito sobre um frame de pensamento dos jogadores sobre controle de time

Ahmed Khadawardi at 6:44 am

This course has made me understand the game more and allowed me to do new things that I didn’t know about before also, it enabled me to have greater planning, shot calling, and be able to do better team fights and win lanes by looking at what is important on the side of the map.

Colby Puz at 6:45 am

Super informative. A lot to take in, but I can already tell a difference in my Macro play. My early game still suffers because I’m terrible at micro, such as combos, last hitting consistently with different champions, and trading when it’s appropriate. But my teamfighting and placement on the map has carried just about everyone of my games.


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